BENIDER, Moroccan family. ABRAHAM BENIDER (first half of 18th century), a native of Tetuan, later a resident of Gibraltar and Tangiers, was chandler to the British fleet and official interpreter. His son JACOB, born in Gibraltar, served as interpreter in the British consulates in Tetuan, Tangiers, Salé, Mogador, Safi, and Agadir. In 1768 he was vice consul in Salé. In 1772 the sultan of Morocco sent him as his ambassador to London on a special mission. However, Benider was not successful in his mission. Apparently he did not return to Gibraltar or Morocco. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: C. Roth, in: JHSEM, 2 (1935), 84–90; Hirschberg, Afrikah, 2 (1965), 285, 288–91; idem, in: Essays… I. Brodie, 2 (1967), 165–81. (David Corcos)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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